• Clarity 10% Glycolic Cleanser is a rich, soap-free formulation utilizing glycolic acid to gently exfoliate, cleanse and smooth the skin. This gentle formula contains a rich blend of antioxidants including, Liposomal Vitamins A, C, E, and Green Tea Extract in combination with Co-Q10 to assist in minimizing free-radical-induced skin damage while aiding in the restoration of healthy looking skin. About the Product
    • Sulfate Free. Glycolic Cleanser. Gently Exfoliates. Full of Antioxidants. Hydrates.
    • Effectively regulates oil production while preventing and controlling acne breakouts.
    • Ideal for oily for skin types. Controls oil production.
    • Helps remove oil and dirt and other impurities without over-drying the skin.
    • Treats and helps prevent acne blemishes.
    • 6.7 fl. oz.
  • Glycolic acid treatment pads gently exfoliate, moisturize and assist in the removal of oils and residue on the skin. These convenient and simple to use treatment pads contain witch hazel to deliver skin toning and astringent benefits. Can  be used with an acne program to prevent bacteria from growing on the skin.  
    About the Product
    • Easily and gently exfoliates to reveal fresh, clear, more supple skin.
    • Provides a simple way to perform a peel. Combined with witch hazel, Refresh 10% Glycolic pads deliver astringent and toning benefits, promoting glowing, clear skin.
    • Strong antioxidants effect protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals.
    • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles and acne breakouts.
    • Saturated pads gently exfoliate, moisturize and cleans the skin.
    • Contains Vitamins A, C, E and Co-Q10
    • Paraben Free. Fragrance Free. Alcohol Free.
    • 60 pads
  • Shine provides antioxidant protective coverage, nourishes, enhances skin tone and texture, revealing a fresh and pure complexion. A must have for the gym bag! Can be used from head to toe!
  • This cosmetically elegant lotion has been specially formulated to help achieve softer, smoother skin texture and tone. This light, quick absorbing lotion formula contains 15% glycolic acid, Vitamins A, C, and E to help condition the skin and assist in minimizing free-radical-induced skin damage. Uplift removes crepey skin! With 15% Glycolic acid this moisturizer gently exfoliates dead and dull skin cells, removing that unwanted crepey skin appearance while restoring  skin moisture. Best used right after the shower.
    About the Product
    • Contains 15% Glycolic Acid. Antioxidants such as Vitamins E and Green Tea provide defense against free radical damage.
    • Squalene, helps restore the proper balance of skin's oil (Does not clog pores).
    • Repairs the look of crepe skin. Reduces the appearance of cellulite.
    • Provides deep hydration. Increases the production of collagen and elastin.
    • Reveals softer, smoother skin texture and tone. Rejuvenates skin.
    • 12 oz.