KimAnn MacNish, LMA, BS founder of Trust Skin Care Solutions and The Skin and Wellness Center. Fifteen years ago I realized my passion for skin. Studying dermatology and working in plastic surgery I have seen many different skin conditions , tones and skin concerns from acne to aging. It was then I knew that I wanted to help kids with problematic skin concerns while also keeping myself from aging!

Science in the skin does not change but everything around us does. So how do we repair and look our best at any age. This is the question we all ask!

With quality products that work!

After being solicited with every product on the market and all coming up short I realized I need to formulate a product that can deliver the results we are all looking for at a reasonable price. That is when I started working with dermatologists and chemists in a New York laboratory to design the perfect skincare line Trust Skin Care Systems.

Trust Skin Care Systems is a color coded line designed for every skin type addressing all skin type concerns! This color code system works together creating you your individualized skin care system for your skin type. Trust skin care has a base line-then incorporated treatment creams for each skin concern.

The Skin and Wellness Center opened up in 2013. I wanted to have a place where people can come to learn about there skin under any condition and would be able to take care of there skin with the best products and look the best they can without surgery.

We know the cellular turnover of cells happen every 28 days so we know that in order to stay ahead we need to do something to our skin within that time. Skin resurfacing prevents the build up of dead skin which leads to bad behavior, acne scarring, fine and deep lines and wrinkles.

Start using Trust Skin Care Systems for all your skin care needs!

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Trust Skin Care Systems- Where Skin and Science unite!